Why you should not fall in love with technology?

Recently I took part in the organization of a hackathon, there was a team that called my attention. They started to develop their idea very fast, in a few minutes they had the work distributed and each one was working on their own tasks. According to their presentation, the had built a super scalable platform and a highly available solution to support a high load. All that in barely 12 hours, it is really impressive, isn’t it?

Well, it was as if they only cared about technology but what about the idea, does it make sense? do you need all this technology to validate your idea or you could implement a very similar approach to validate your idea? I tried to get an answer to some of these questions from the team but it was difficult because or they were really busy coding their solution or they thought my questions were stupid and didn’t deserve an answer. They have fallen in love with technology and the have forgotten the most important thing, help refugees in some way.

This is not a criticism of such a talented team rather it is a reflexion about how technical people can lose the focus and put their interests in front of company or client interests. However, I must recognize the event format could lead people to care more about technology than helping people. Anyway, this behavior is something I have seen in some companies along all my career and it is dangerous. We are not coders rather than we are problem solvers.