IronHack and ForoCoches

Someone once told me brands must take a position in every aspect of our society. The customer now wants to know what are the ideals a brand has and supports.

This week IronHack in collaboration with ForoCoches has started offering 3 grants to do some of its courses for free. The scandal has broken out because ForoCoches is a well-known den of trolls. The worst that you can find on the Spanish Internet. Misogynist, racist, intolerant people.

I can understand those women that have felt offended by this movement of IronHack, in our industry is plenty of these kinds of people and when you trust in a company because they are doing a lot to encourage women in our profession that suddenly connects with the people they are supposedly fighting, well, it looks like a big contradiction. My first impression was very similar but after reading a lot of comments I have changed my mind a little.

Twitter and Facebook are full of these people, however, I have the impression that if their names were in the offer nobody would complain, and if that were the case, effectively the problem would be our idea about these sites and not about the people on these sites. From my view, a totally different issue. Anyway, in my opinion, it has been a big error of IronHack not to figure out what is the opinion of the industry about this forum or more important the opinion of their future and past customers.

Lesson learnt, I hope.