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IronHack and ForoCoches

Someone once told me brands must take a position in every aspect of our society. The customer now wants to know what are the ideals a brand has and supports. This week IronHack in collaboration with ForoCoches has started offering 3 grants to do some of its courses for free.[…]

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Product owners

The best product owners I have ever had were those obsessed with the product and its quality. Those who didn’t care about to dirty my pretty code to implement new requirements nor the time nor the money. Those who had very clear the iron triangle and always knew how to[…]

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Sitting down outside the general library in the Malaga´s University. Alvaro wanted to know how I started to design an application. I guess he came to me because I was doing my degree and supposedly I had got some sort of secret knowledge. By that time, I had built my[…]

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